Jobs on Monday

A primary school-themed Jobs on Monday for you this week.

First up, Madley Primary School in Hereford is looking for a part-time dancer or organisation to teach in its Year 3 class.

We want to develop sound skills that are transferable and adaptable. We want this dance project to engage children in curriculum learning not just in dance.

For a full application, please e-mail Adrian Higgins at by 3 March.

Meanwhile, Lower Heath Primary School in Shropshire wants two individual creative practitioners or an established duo to work part time in summer 2010 on a dance and music project called Fusion.

We would hope that, by bringing together a dancer and a musician who draw their inspiration from two different cultural backgrounds (one of which could be British), our children will be able to take part in a project that will produce unique work which crosses cultural boundaries.

For a copy of the full brief please email Creative Agent, Kate Buttolph on before 8 March.

And finally, Clifford Primary School in Herefordshire are looking for a creative partner who can interact and help the schools Life Beyond Clifford topic. The creative partner could be from a variety of disciplines including photographer, musician or dancer.

For full application details please e-mail Adrian Higgins on