(in)visible dances concludes on Sunday

Dancers have slowly emerged from the crowds of shoppers and office workers on High Street in Birmingham, performing on the street around the lampposts and benches, dancing on (and in) the phone boxes and performing routines at the cashpoints, responding to the music of some carefully placed buskers.

Its all been part of the (in)visible dances project, commissioned by International Dance Festival Birmingham especially for the Festival and choreographed by Luca Silvistrini, Artistic Director of Protein. The dancers take on different characters of the people who use High Street every day from shoppers and office workers, to builders and joggers.

The project will conclude on Sunday 9 May at 4pm with Visible Dances, a unique outdoor spectacle reflecting and celebrating the rich mix of Birminghams street life. The cast of dancers will join forces with local students and volunteers to bring a cast of up to 80 people together for the performance.