Breathe the Beat with Salah

Breathe the Beat is a new digital dance project that gives you the chance to showcase your skills online for the world to see as part of Dancing for the Games.

Renowned international hip-hop artist Salah presents a series of videos showing you how to take inspiration from your every day surroundings and create routines using his uniquePABE(Popping, Animation, Boogaloo, Effect) style over on the Breathe the Beat website.

You just have to upload your video to the competition and you could perform at a live event and even win the chance to meet Salah himself. has information about the project, live events lisings, and the latest news. You can also enter the competition, and once youve uploaded your video, you can watch the other entries.

You can follow Breathe the Beat onFacebook andTwitter, and you can tag your comments about the project with #breathethebeat.All the tutorials and other videos can be found on theYouTube channel.

This project is part of the Outdoor Dance Programme, led byDanceXchange, in partnership withDancefest,Dancescape and Dudley Performing Arts.