Motionhouse brings Machine Dance to Spiceal Street

Motionhouse are creating a specially-commissioned performance to celebrate the launch of Spiceal Street at Bullring Birmingham a new dining destination at the heart of the city. The stunning spectacle will see six Motionhouse dancers dancing with three JCB diggers.

Motionhouse created Waiting Game for Bullring earlier in the year and are producing a new Machine Dance to launch the Spiceal Street Development.

The piece will be the second in a Machine Dance series created for Bullring and will celebrate the powerful and melodious relationship of humans and machines, mirroring the construction work thats been in progress for the last nine months.

Dancing with extraordinary grace, the machines will carve the space, pivot and wheel their human partners whom theyll lift, nudge and shift in a poetic display. The beautiful choreography will defy gravity and belief as the tender machines and vulnerable dancers will represent all that is truly possible in the symbiotic relationship of humans and machine.

Motionhouses Machine Dance will launch the opening of Bullrings Restaurant Development in November 2011 at Spiceal Street on Thursday 24 November at 11.00am and 6.30pm.