Condom and Decrease in Erectile Function: Interelation

The first intimate proximity with the new partner is always very disturbing for the man. Special awkwardness arises at the moment when it is necessary to put on a condom. In such situation, it can become the reason for weak erection. Without wishing to push luck and to show weaknesses, men quite often forget about safety, having contraception out-of-pocket sex that increases the risk to catch and be infected with STD.

Condom and Decrease in Erectile Function

Cynthia Graham who is the junior researcher of the Institute of Kinsey on studying of sexual function and reproduction at the University of Indiana in the USA, on the basis of numerous researches notes that most often men remove a condom during sexual intercourse or completely refuse it in favor of maintenance of a reliable erection. At this moment they don’t think of questions which can arise in the near future: “How to get rid of STD?”, “What to do with the unplanned pregnancy?”, “How to treat impotence?”.


Cynthia Graham conducted research in which 278 men participated. All of them were patients of the clinic on the sexually transmitted infections treatment. Each of them used condoms at least three times for the last three months. Participants of research have answered questions about the number of sexual partners, sexual frustration, the frequency of the unprotected sexual intercourses, problems with condoms, feelings at their use.

As a result of research, it has been established that about 27% of men felt inconveniences and problems with an erection before sexual intercourse at putting on of condom or already during sex. These men admitted that for the studied period the unprotected sexual communications were more often.

About 40% of men who admitted about the existence of problems with an erection, said that they removed a condom before the end of sexual intercourse. Men who have replaced three and more sexual partners for the studied period and also those who admitted problems with the use of condoms reported about problems with an erection twice more often.

In this case, the role of educational work on questions of condoms use is extremely important for men who became “regular customers” of clinics of sexually transmitted infections treatment. These methods of erectile dysfunction treatment and other serious diseases arising against STD are rather effective and don’t demand special efforts from medical personnel.