The Fisrt-Aid Kits for Dancers

Our website is devoted to dancing school, its events, meetings, and development on a professional and amateur platform. It is a confirmed fact that professional dancers are at risk zone of getting injured. As a result, our school includes a skilled staff of medical workers. They bare responsibility for every dancer signing up for our classes and taking part in events organized.The Fisrt-Aid Kits for Dancers

How are medical rooms supplied at our school?

Many parents signing their children up for dance classes ask how we care for their health. We do our best to maintain the health of our participants. Our doctors have degrees in professional sports medicine. For example, our senior physician – Aaron Stephens – explains the essence of their functions.

First of all, we cooperate with the most reliable drug and medical equipment suppliers. Our main drug supplier is My Canadian Pharmacy. We may justify our choice. Canadian pharmacies are one of the most affordable pharmacies in the online pharmaceutical business.

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Our first-aid kits are equipped with:

  • Astringents
    In case you have a bad fall and stretch your muscles or dislocate your leg, there should be astringents in the medical room. It will help to anesthetize the damaged part of the body and reduce swelling. In addition, a one-time cooling bag is suitable, which becomes cold if shaken properly.
  • Ace bandages
    If there is limb damage, an elastic bandage is useful. It will fix the muscle, reduce the load and the likelihood of getting a new injury.
  • Disinfectants
    The first-aid kit should contain hydrogen peroxide. If you get injured during training, you can immediately carry out a disinfection treatment. So that the wound does not remain open, you will have to rewind it with a bandage.
  • Vitamins
    Always keep your vitamins B, C, and E in order for your workouts to give a positive result and not cause damage to your health. Your muscles will become more resilient if you are taking these groups of vitamins. The resistance to injury will increase. In addition, with regular intake of vitamins, the recovery process after severe physical exertion will significantly accelerate. Read more about how vitamins can affect sportsmen body here.
  • Warming agents
    If you have ever suffered muscles or joints’ damages, you cannot start a workout without first warming up the muscles. In such cases, you can use capsicum ointment. It is applied in a thin layer to a part of the body that was previously damaged and carefully rubbed into the skin. This procedure must be performed 5-7 minutes before the start of the workout.
  • Sports dressings
    Looking at professional dancers, it is impossible not to appreciate their equipment. Beautiful tight-fitting suits and all kinds of accessories look really beautiful. Bandages help to avoid muscle strain and, accordingly, reduce the risk of injury. If your sports activities are associated with heavy physical exertion, put several dressings in the first aid kit.
  • Corn pads
    As you know, corns do not pose a significant threat. Troubles can arise only if they are treated improperly. During sports activities, you can get corns quite often, so you need to use special pads. They will help to quickly neutralize the corn so that you can continue to move around, go to training and even attend competitions.

We have bought all these supplies at our main partner – My Canadian Pharmacy. We appreciate they offer us discounts as the volume of medical equipment we buy is wholesale. We do recommend this online pharmacy service and it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional dancer or just a person who has health problems.