Weight Gaining and Impotence Emergence

Obesity is not only the esthetic defect lowering male self-assessment. This disease which is followed by violation of fatty, carbohydrate exchange leads to serious diseases. Influence of obesity on a man’s erectile function is proved. As a rule, a biochemical blood test in men with obesity shows the lowered number of testosterone level in plasma, not characteristic of the age.

In 25-30 years testicles of men develop the maximum quantity of hormone. In a healthy man’s organism, its level decreases gradually and smoothly (by 1-3% a year) after 30 years. Experts refer obesity to risk factors of early aging and loss of man’s force because of a fast decrease in testosterone. Canadian Pharmacy knows how to improve the quality of sexual life. Command our service and be delighted with the quality of your sexual life.

Hormones level exerts the impact on sexual inclination and quality of sex, i.e. on interest which arises in the brain under the influence of testosterone, reaction of the nervous system and the erection connected directly with it. Except for influence of excess weight on erectile function, the dependence between obesity and sperm production is established. Excessive completeness of the young man, however, as well as women, can become the reason of couple infertility.

obesity and erectile dysfunction

The Connection between the Excess Weight and Erectile Function

Male mental and physical condition has a direct bearing on the quality of sex and its opportunity. At obesity, as a result of the increased level of lipids, the viscosity of blood increases, its circulation in small pelvis organs worsens and leads to decrease in sexual feelings and approach of erectile function (impotence).

Today the opinion that fatty tissue is only power “warehouse” has become outdated. The conjunction of erectile function and obesity consists that fatty tissue – part of the endocrine system where there are a synthesis and an exchange of hormones. The more the fat reserve at the man, the less testosterone is developed more – leptin. As a result, men’s testosterone and androstenedione will be transformed into women’s hormones estrogen and estradiol.

Change of Body Shape, Erectile Function and Obesity

Pay attention to how body contours at the stout man change. If in youth he had a well-muscled body with great shoulders and narrow basin, then in process of weight set the body begins to get streamline shapes: shoulders are rounded, the waist blurs, the stomach is stuck out, buttocks and hips are distributed in breadth and become similar on a female. The reason that the figure “floats” down not only in habits of food and an inactive way of life but also in the low level of testosterone synthesis.

Experts have established a connection between the male volume waste and production of the hormone, erectile function and obesity. The critical volume of male waist begins with a cm mark 94, deficiency of hormones it is possible to suspect more than 102 cm at the waist.

The diseases of heart and vessels, diabetes and hypertension caused by obesity, in turn, increase deficiency of testosterone, closing a circle of causes and effects of obesity.