Delivered by DanceXchange

West Midlands Dance is delivered by DanceXchange.

DanceXchange (dx) is a dance house dedicated to creating exciting opportunities for people of all walks of life to engage in dance, either as a participant, performer or audience member. dx is a partner organisation with Birmingham Hippodrome and Birmingham Royal Ballet, based in the Hippodrome complex. Visit the DanceXchange website to find out more.

In February 2013, as part of DanceXchange's remit to promote dance across the West Midlands region we relaunched West Midlands Dance. Following four successful years of Dancing for the Games, the site profiles the achievements of the wide range of projects that have seen thousands of new participants and audiences engage with dance, as well as offering the latest news, event listings, auditions, jobs, reviews, interviews, videos, photos and professional resources. The site highlights future opportunities for people to get involved as participants, audience members and producers, as well as being a resource for dance artists, practitioners, teachers and project managers, who are looking to learn more about creating dance for outdoor places and unusual spaces.

We would like to thank Chris Unitt and Ian Ravenscroft (and all the other lovely folk who have posted on the site) for their great contributions since Chris founded the original site in 2008, and we are looking forward to building on their excellent work.