ACE dance & music: “Qui sommes nous?”

Back in April we featured "Qui Sommes-Nous?/Who Are We?", an evening showcase that was the culmination of a week of collaboration between young dancers from Birmingham's ACE Youth and Geneva's Compagnie Virevolte, who had been working together at mac birmingham, exchanging dance ideas, and exploring social issues around the diverse cultural identities that both cities have developed.

Filmmaker Mathew Beckett has created a really nice short documentary about the project, which was the second step in a year-long collaboration. Mixing performance footage and interviews with everyone involved, the film explores how the companies have collaborated, the challenges they faced and how they overcame the cultural differences.

One young dancer neatly sums up the success of the project:

"Language is always a barrier, but I personally feel that we can connect through dance, so that's our language".

ACE dance & music - "Qui sommes nous?" "Who are we?" from Mathew Beckett on Vimeo.

Read more about "Qui Sommes-Nous?/Who Are We?".

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